Entry three: Cutting Dreams

Entry three: Cutting Dreams.


Last Night, I attended the Upper Darby School District School Board meeting because they are doing the unthinkable. They are cutting music, gym and arts as well as other stuff which makes me want to throw up and do you know who is affected by this? Everyone that I have had as a teacher and all of the school children that are many years younger then I am; while at the meeting last night, I saw the school board’s faces from high up; I saw the careless expression that they had on their faces. I wanted to shout out something, but there were cops there so I didn’t want it to get ugly. I heard the speeches, young and old as when it came to the younger generations, they seemed NOT to care which pissed me off. I wanted to speak out, but I didn’t have it in writing and leave my thoughts, but here is what I wanted to say.


First thing I had to say was my name, address and zip code which I don’t know why they wanted it because who to say a crazy person was to come up and kill my cats, my dog, my mom, my stepfather, my brother and I at night or rob our house? Anyways, that’s what I would have to do if I was to speak. Now onto the speech.


My name is Meagan Gearity. I am a 21 year old senior atDelawareCountyCommunity Collegeand graduate ofUpper DarbyHigh School, the class of 2009. I am not originally from the Upper Darby Area as I was born in the Bronx,New York, but have been living in the State ofPennsylvaniafor the last nineteen years. I lived in Tobyhanna up in the Poconos for the time being as my childhood growing up was fine and dandy, but I had a rough being with not having any type of money. In the summer of 2000, my mom, my brother and I moved in with my Stepfather and my Stepfather inCliftonHeightswhere I started fourth grade at Westbrook Park Elementary. It was right then and there I had the chance unlikeCoolbaughElementaryCenter, where I was allowed to play an instrument and I wanted to play the flute. At first my mom was hesitant with having no money to afford this, but she was able to buy it and I started playing. I also did the concerts as I sang in the winter and spring times in fourth and fifth grades up into Middle School were I stopped all together, but enough about me. It’s time to talk about what’s really important here and that is the cuts that will affect the children that attend our schools.


Do you guys understand what you MAYBE doing to our children here? Do you understand what you maybe doing to the teachers that worked hard to get their degrees IF you cut these? Not only do they lose the stuff THEY worked hard for, they MAY have to start over again! Do you guys understand this at all? And for the children that are in music, playing sports and drawing a nice picture for their parents. Do you KNOW what you are doing to them? YOU ARE CUTTING THEIR DREAMS! There might be a little girl from Garrettford that has dreams to become a singer, what is SHE going to do without music? There might be a teenage boy fromDrexel HillMiddle Schoolthat would LOVE to draw a beautiful moral inPhiladelphiaone day. What is HE going to do without art? There might be a Young Man fromUpper DarbyHigh Schoolplaying baseball and what happens if ONE day he goes into the MLB Draft and gets drafted by Phillies or anyone else, what is HE going to do without Physical Education to make him stronger and ready? What you are doing is CUTTING A DREAM FOR these young ladies and gentlemen in our audience and what is sitting in the class room going to do without related arts? Do you seriously and I mean SERIOUSLY think you are putting these children and teenagers under STRESS by with no related arts? Have you guys heard of anxiety? Have you guys got a pounding headache were you have to cry yourself to sleep at night because the pain is unbearable!? I have had ALL of this happen to me before and I do NOT and I REPEAT DO NOT want these children to suffer the SAME stuff I HAVE TO GO THROUGH with my headaches and the stress I AM UNDER! I thought children were supposed to have fun with gym, art, music, and the library, not be in a class room all day and NOT having fun.


So in closing of my speech, I ask you, the Upper Darby School Board, whose side are you going to be on? Are you going to side with the parents, the teachers and the children and not cut these so all of the children and teachers can live out their dreams or YOU going to side with The governor that I did not vote in and cut these? Because if YOU side with him, you lose not only my respect, you lose RESPECT PERIOD.


That’s what I am going to say, but I just want to get the word out there, please sign this petition to save the cuts, I don’t care if you live way away from me at all, I want you guys sign this and make a change:




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Entry Two: Straight Hair No No.

Today while in the bathroom and cleaning it out because I was asked to by my mom, I noticed on the bottom of the floor that there are two hair irons that are sitting on the floor. I looked at them and thought “these can be a good use for today” but I looked in the mirror and saw my hair which was a curly mess before I went to brush it out and shower and thought “My mom will still love me when I do have curly hair, my personality doesn’t change who I am regardless of what my appearance is.” Let me tell you a couple of reasons why I do NOT like straighten my hair. So get ready for it.

One reason I don’t like doing my hair flat is it’s is 100% a bitch to do. I have curly, long hair (well right now my hair is medium length, but it grows fast) I hate tying it up, I hate moving my hands around and I hate how it looks. I don’t do the sprays because they stink and I cough when they spray too much on. I also don’t like the smell of burnt hair like its burnt toast gone wrong or something like that. I am fine with having curly hair and I like it even though it gets a pain in my ass sometimes.

This is another reason and another why I hate doing it. When I first moved down to Clifton Heights some twelve years ago, my hair style was fine. It was short and dandy just the way I liked it. When I was at my dad’s house, I would puts clips in my hair and make them into rows. In fact, my grandparents had a photo of my brother and my cousins at my birthday party at my Grandparents house with me having clips in my hair as I looked happy, but a little after that, that’s when the bullying started. My dad got me a hair cut one day and that guy made into a mullet. That was one of the reasons why I was teased until my mom got it cut VERY SHORT and I was called a boy. I had the same problems through 5th grade, but in 6th through 11th grade in High School, I was teased. A lot of the girls said that I should straight my hair because it was a so called “afro” as I was teased because of having it. Someday, I would never want to go to school because of this, but I had to or I would not have graduated on time back in 2009. When the school year ended, another one started, it was the same stuff and the same things gone over until my mom bought a hair straighter in 7th grade as I asked my mom if she can do it for me until I got the hang out of it. Of course she said yes and did it for me as I got complements about it, but when I started to do it myself, something happened and I regret doing it.

There was a girl in one of my classes that would make comments about me trying to be like her with straighten my hair and make it like hers (In fact, she passed away a couple of years ago, but for privacy reasons, I will not say her name). I would do it EVERYDAY, but I released that I was burning my hair out and it was ruining the hair cells in my hair. My mom told me to stop doing it as I did for the summer. Some days, I would straight my hair and then some days, I would put it up. By the time I got into High School, I would only straight my hair at the end of the month because I didn’t want to over do it and make sure that it looked good (Some days it didn’t somedays it did) but in 11th grade, someone said my hair didn’t look straight and I was too stupid to do so. First off, I am not stupid, secondly, I do my hair the way I want to do it and finally, I am not wearing a weave like you are doing to get attention you stupid bitch! (I said that in my mind, but I wanted to blurt it) In 2009, I got to prom as my mom did it, but it was hot that day and turned frizzy, but for graduation, I wanted to be Meagan for once and not have it straight, I wore it curly the day I had graduation.

As soon as I attended College, I felt I had freedom. I felt like people didn’t mind if my hair was curly or straight. Somedays, It would be curly and then straight. I wanted to be me and not have ANYBODY JUDGE ME FOR WHO I AM REGARLDESS OF WHAT HAIR STYLE I HAVE. The only time you would see me with my hair straight is during appearances, parties or if I am bored on a rainy day. That’s the only time I do my hair and I don’t want people telling me “Oh, you should straight your hair” because I won’t listen, I would tell you to fuck off and leave me alone. I like having my hair the WAY I want to have it and if you don’t like it, I will send you something that my favorite wrestler, Triple H said: You can kiss where my cheeks meet!

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Entry One: The Act of selfishness.

Entry One: The Act of selfishness.

So I decided to do a personal blog for everyone that is following me on my Twitter (@MeaganG1990) and my Facebook page that some of my family members are on. Today, I decided to do my first one that has happened today and I want to tell everyone on both pages and how I feel about this situation.

This afternoon, my mother and I went out just for a girl’s day because we had to do some errands and stop at the bank. There was a McDonalds nearby and we decided to get a quick bite to eat. The lunch was peaceful until that all changed as soon as we got done with the lunch. There was a group of teenagers, 2 girls, 1 boy that my mom would think they are playing hooky and staying at McDonalds. Like any typical stupid teenager, the two girls were laughing. My mom thought it was no harm at first, but when they kept on staring and laughing, that’s when it went to the boiling point with my mom. They were not laughing anything random, they were laughing AT her due to the fact that she has a form of facial hair on her face. I asked my mom what was wrong and she told me that she “would tell me later”. She got up and threw the trash out. From there, the CM Punk Pipe Bomb came out of her mouth.
She told these teenage girls that they are ignorant and they are messed up. A guy behind me had his mouth open as my mom told them that their mothers should be ashamed of themselves for raising stupid kids and that she doesn’t pay taxes for kids to play hooky and they should be getting an education. I followed my mom and looked at these teenage girls with one dirty look, but didn’t say anything because I kept my cool. Looking at my mom in the car, she started to cry as I get emotional. You guys don’t know the pain she goes through with the stares and people that she is a freak when really she is a kind and loving person.

The disease that she suffers is called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, It where there are cysts on the ovaries that make male hormones for females which leads to facial hair on the face. There are other causes that cause this stuff which I put in the link for you guys to read as well. I have some type of form of it as well. It’s not a fun thing to have as there are many people like my mom and myself that suffer from this. They are NOT alone! It sucks being stared at, it sucks being called names and it sucks feeling like you are a freak, but really, people that have this stuff are NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS AS WELL! We walk on this earth together, we are god’s children and he loves us.


Back to the girls at the McDonalds, they don’t know what she has been through. On the outside, they think they are sexy, beautiful and good looking so whoever is around them (guy wise) they will get in their pants, but really, on the inside and behind all that makeup, they are nothing, but heartless and cold bitches. They have no hearts; they have NO IDEA what we go through. They think the world is fine and Dandy, ITS NOT! One of these days, these girls will wake up and find out what its REALLY like to be called names.


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