Entry Number Four: The World that I know

Entry Number Four: The World that I know

So I walk up on high
And I step to the edge
To see my world below.
And I laugh at myself
While the tears roll down.
‘Cause it’s the world I know.
It’s the world I know.


That’s was the lyrics that were going on in my head during my brother’s graduation. I had that song in my head when I graduated three years before he did. That song has a meaning of something to me and now him because the both of us are graduates ofUpper DarbyHigh School. The both of us came over the odds of being picked on while we were younger, going through stages in our lives, having battles with one another, but then again that ALWAYS happens with me and him, but I realized that the both of us, are adults now, we are Upper Darby graduates and we were 09 and 12 proudly in our honors as we are both Upper Darby Graduates.


Joseph and I are two different people, but we are the same blood of one another. In fact, I didn’t want a younger brother at one point because I wanted a little sister, but then, god gave Joseph and I was stuck with him for the rest of my life. Joseph and I have our disagreements as well as agreements. We also have similarities and differences. Joseph and I are Yankees Fans, we hate all Philadelphiateams, we are into PS3 and Five Finger Death Punch, but here are the differences between the both of us. He is going into the army, he is in firefighting and he goes all out while I stay at home, I like cats a lot and I like wrestling, but we do have something in common. We take our graduation proud and my brother said this today on his Facebook status today: When the original Yankee stadium closed in 2008 (when I started high school) Yogi Berra was asked will he miss Yankee Stadium he said no. A stadium doesn’t make a team it’s the tradition of that team that makes a stadium!  So to answer my age old question of why I named UDHS UPPER DARBY STATE PRISON the answer is simple it’s not the building that makes the school it’s a tradition from the school itself. He is right, there is a tradition ofUpper Darby graduation, but there is also a legacy there. That school had two Gearity’s go through and now they are both gone.


As Joseph and I are officially young adults as the song said, this is the world that we know. This is the world that we are entering into. In 2009 and when I left, I was scared shit and didn’t know what I was going to do and guess what I ended up doing? I was heading into College and going into the biggest step of my life. While in 2010, I was near being kicked out and ending my College Career, I changed my self up and got where I needed to me. That’s when I made the changes for myself and did something I never thought I would accomplish here in 2012, making the President’s List forDelawareCountyCommunity Collegeand next year, I will be back at Villanova walking in Blue and Gold. My brother’s world may sound fine as he is taking the next step in his life and that is heading to the military. I would remember him dressing up as a army person for Halloween when he was younger, but now, this is the real freaking deal with him going into the army.
As I hugged my brother goodbye because I was heading to see my dad for father’s day weekend, a flash back went through my head of him being born and us two playing in the back yard until that moment where his name was called during graduation, I looked up in the sky and said “Thank You god for letting him complete this and letting us become who we are”


In closing, I have to say Joseph, even though we have our differences and even though we have love/hate relationship with one another; I have to say that I am DAMN proud of you for finishing High School. I am so damn proud of you for doing what you WANT to do with your life and even though you are a jackass sometimes, you are still my brother and NOBODY WILL EVER replace you. I know both of us are big fans of Five Finger Death Punch, but I dedicated this song to you;







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