Entry Six: The Florida Files; My point of views.

*Disclaimer* before anyone reads this, I want to warn everyone here. This blog is NOT a personal attack on ANYONE in my family or anyone that I know. This blog is about how I feel about certain stuff and how I feel about a couple of things. This is like a “wrestling shoot” when a wrestler leaves the company and talks about their time in the business, but in this case, I just want to bring up the situation about a couple of things that is on my mind right now so here we go.

Today happens to be Friday and looking on the calendar at the place I would stay at for two weeks, Seawatch, it happens to be week 28 meaning that the next week coming up, I would be getting ready for my 2 weeks down there (29/30) and ready for my vacation. My mom would be upset about this because we would be leaving her for a couple of weeks. My brother has his reasons why he does not go down there which I will not state, but as the title says “My” point of view. So now you are prepared to see what my thoughts of is why I have bad memories of Seawatch. I will also withhold name as well in some cases for privacy too.

The first and MAIN reason why I do not like going down to Seawatch is the cliques that were down there. I felt like it reminded me too much of high school and that vacation was not the time of drama where in school you can have that shit at. I felt like it wasn’t fair where here I am, trying to be the nice person that I always been and get turned down. I can be the nicest person out there and actually be fun to hang with, but being judged for someone that I am not, really hurts me. The last time I was down there, I said that the Crazy Meagan was back and she is ready to have fun. OK, to clear that statement up, when I mean by crazy Meagan, I meant, I was going to have fun and we are going to have a blast. It wasn’t like I was going to pull a knife out on someone and stab them. I was not like that nor do I plan on murdering someone. In fact, the year before that, I was so FRUSTRATED with the fact that I wanted to play a evil prank, but nicely enough, I moved their stuff so it wouldn’t get stolen and tell them, but it was reversed and I had to end up being the bad guy. One thing I don’t like when I am trying to be nice. That’s one reason down.

The SECOND reason was my Dad’s girlfriend, who came with us from 2002-2005 down to Florida. I felt like this was an embarrassment to myself and makes me very pissed off when I look at myself in a swimsuit. She would get on top of my dad in the pool as she looked like she was a hippo that was trying to sink him. The way it looked and the way the noodles looked in the pool, it made me want to throw up inside. She would also take down her straps and she would also do stuff that I don’t want to say. I also didn’t like the fact how she was PLANNING where to go out to for dinner when SHE would be the one that would mostly eat the stuff and I am sure that the infamous cheese stick incident where my brother wanted the last mozzarella stick, but it was gone. Another thing that pissed me off is where the soup incident where she was forcing my brother to eat SOUP in hot Florida, but my grandmother stood up and said “No”. I think to myself with her self like that, she could eat the whole damn thing. Another down.

The third reason was I do not like sitting down at the pool all day and this is why I stayed in the lobby the first second, but in the second week, I was out. I felt like there is stuff you could have done besides sit near the pool and just do nothing and be bored. I feel like Southwest Florida has tourist attractions and I feel like they should have been looked at. I’ve went to the Edison House, I didn’t like it because was a house, but then, it was history, which I like history, don’t get me wrong. I also felt like there could have been more malls as I only been to one mall the start of the second week in 2006. That’s what I felt could have happened, but then don’t get me wrong again, I’ve been to the movies there with the eat in food twice where I saw two movies down there back to back years. Other then that, that annoyed me even more by sitting near the pool as the only time we would go out is to the Times Square on the board walk.

Now that I am done ranting and raving about this situation; those are the reasons why I don’t like going down. I was told that I didn’t enjoy going down there, I was alone or I went with the wrong people. While they are entitled to their opinions and they are like assholes; However, there was a question that was asked “Would I go down to Florida again?” My answer? Yes, but as long as I stay 10000 feet away from Fort Myers, I would be fine.

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Entry Five:  The change of all changes and how it affected me.


Today is July 1st, 2012 and it’s the first of July meaning that in a couple of days that we are going to be seeing back to school commercials and fall stuff so the summer would rush, but today marks a anniversary of something that changed my life forever and that was moving to where I am right now to Southeast Pennsylvania from the Poconos. This change would affect me and affect the rest of my life. I would have to be used to a phrase that would also change my life forever “Starting Over Again”


Before I moved to Clifton Heights in 2000, the week before the big move was a funk in the air. It seemed like an end of an era was coming upon us. I didn’t want the week to end because I didn’t want to move and being a nine year old, you didn’t want to say good bye to your friends. I had to. I had no other choice. I couldn’t stay, I couldn’t be left behind because nobody would be in the house. The days before the move went by quickly and soon as you know it, Friday, June 30th, 2000, it ended. My life in the Poconos would shattered for good and the one thing I regret was saying good bye to my friends because that Saturday, They couldn’t hang out with me. I was gone…I was gone forever and I moved away.


As soon as I arrived intoCliftonHeightsbecause my uncle got lost, I was quiet. I was looking into something better and I remembered that this was a house that would not have a back yard or a pool, but the only positive side was the park and the creek across, but my mind was not intact. I made friends right away and I was friendly to everyone on the block, but the hardest part was starting a new school where I had to redo over and over again with the stuff. I made friends in school, but they would turn on me and that’s when the bullying would start. I felt like I should have stayed in the Poconos at some points because I had my friends there or head to my second option, go toNew Yorkand live with my dad until I was ready to come back to where I live. As Anniversary’s went by and we got to move one more time in 2003 to Drexel Hill where I am living at right now and it’s the longest I have been living since I have been down here as I will be living in this house for nine years in August.


I am going to take a look at the pros and cons of living here. There are many pros as to many cons that I have. Here are the pros; I have graduated High School, I attended College and made the President’s list. It is a huge accomplishment that I would never have accomplished in my life. I have met some wonderful people that I happen to call my good friends down here. I have met wonderful teachers who keep me going and I still keep in touch with sometimes which is good and oh, I have experienced two Yankees World Series wins which makes me happy so I am not going to gloat about that. Now for the cons, I have been bullied, I have been picked on, I have lost friends, I experienced Death’s in the family, I have been peer pressured and I nearly lost my college career. There is so much other stuff that I have, but I don’t want to bring it up because it makes me very upset to talk about so I am going to leave that out.


This big move has made a lot of changes in my life. I have accomplished so much and I have been through much, but I would like to add something and if you are on my Facebook page, you might have seen it. I asked myself would I call this area that I am living in my home? The answer was home. In all honesty, there is one day that I want to hit the lotto and move to somewhere else. My home is either the Bronx,New Yorkor The Poconos which I will be attending back in 2 weeks.


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