Entry Eight: HOPE for the Yankees.

Last night game one of the American League Championship Series, I thought that the Tigers would win 4-0 because the Yankees bats were dead through the whole entire game, but when Ichrio hit a 2 run home run making it 4-2 and down by two, it was Raul Ibanez, who hit a homerun in game three the other night then again in the twelfth inning to win the game, comes up and hits a home run, tying the ball game, but in the top twelfth of game one, something terrible happened to one beloved captain.

Derek Jeter, who has been hot basically for the Yankees and someone playing with a ankle that was giving him problems, broke his ankle last night on a play where he was trying to make it a double. Seeing Derek, falling on the ground last night and trying to throw it to Robinson Cano and being in pain, you knew something was wrong right then and there. We have been hearing from the announcers and Girardi about his ankle being hurt and with the Yankees playing FOUR games in a row, you knew there was no rest for him and as much as I like and respect him, he had no time for rest this foot and it got the best of him last night. Looking at the captain, on the ground and being in pain, I had a flash back. A flash back to last year’s National League Division Series with the Cardinals and the Phillies. Ryan Howard was on the ground as he was hurt and had to get off the field. While it was the series ending for the Phillies, Ryan Howard had to fight his way back and get better. The Yankees, who I am still amazed at for making it to the ALCS, are in need of HOPE. They lost a captain to a broken ankle. So this is in need of wonder, who is going to step it up and be the co captain for the remainder of the series AND if they go to the World Series?

Here are a couple of options; Ichrio. Ever since has came to New York after being the heel there for many years, how about he is the leader of the house? He did well in the play off and he is working well here. Another one is Ibanez. He has been so clutch for the Yankees so maybe he should be the leader. I don’t want A-Rod to hit because he doesn’t do JACK for the team besides strike out. The Yankees also need motivation because with Derek Out, this can help the team emotionally and baseball wise. The Yankees need to:

A) Start playing like Derek wants them to play and that is go out there and kick some ass to the Tigers.
B) Have Eduardo Nunez or Jayson Nix be the stars; With those two youngsters filling in for Derek Jeter, they can make themselves, legends of October. Raul did it the other day and yesterday so these two can step it up.

With Game Two in a couple of hours, The Yankees need HOPE. I am seeing a lot of Yankees Fans give up on them because Jeter is hurt. Do not give up on the Yankees! You can never count them out first of all and secondly, you just need faith in your team. Don’t give up because if you do, The Tigers would just cruse along into the World Series. Us Yankees Fans need to believe in them and not give up. I am still saying that the Yankees will win this in Seven and go onto the World Series. That’s my hope for the team and you guys need the hope as well.

Thanks for Reading

By themeagang