Entry Ten: Don’t trust Vector Marketing!!!

I am someone that has been looking for a job for the longest time now and since I am graduating college in a couple of weeks, I have to look for one to get my name out there. Looking for a job and maybe getting interviews is a little hard and possible depressing if you ask me when you see a lot of people that somehow got a job before you did when you have more experience, but there was one company that I’ve thought was something that I would have expected like an actual paying job to help people out, but really it was not and I am talking about is Vector Marketing.

This is not the first time they would pull this type of stunt on me because the first time around was 2010 when they posed as “ecolight” when I was in need of a job. They were at my school and I told them that I needed a job. I filled out the application and waited until it was true. The day right after Labor Day of that year they called and said I had an interview the first time. Happy enough, I told my mother, but she was iffy about this, but drove me to the place where this was at the time by the Chuck E Chesse here. However, this place was not the typical office, it was a room with chairs and a TV as I looked around and said “something is not right” right then and there I was interviewed and I was asked questions. As soon as I was done, I had to sit through a seminar. This was not a typical job interview where it was one and done until you got the call. These people wanted us to sell CUTCO Knives. Like who the heck would buy knives in this type of economy we have right now and what is hard buying knives as at SEARS? After sitting there for nearly an hour in a half, my phone rang as it was my mom as she said something was not right. I got up and left and told them that this was not for me. He would then say “good luck in finding a job” as I didn’t look back and went down stairs. Ever since I have been looking for a job since that, I have been on interviews, but I was not successful just yet until last Friday where I thought this would be the straw.

At school last Friday, I saw something that was a flyer as this would be the perfect chance for me getting a job with the holidays coming up really soon. I went into the bathroom where nobody could have heard me talk about this. While using the bathroom, this person on the phone at this place told me that this was a job for college income and that I could help people out. It was 15 dollars per appointment and they would have kept me if they liked me. In agreement, I said yes, but weirdly, they put my interview for Saturday which was odd because Saturday is normally a weekend for some people and that job interviews don’t take place (As I really don’t know about that one). My mom and I had to clean the kitchen out yesterday and I got ready for this interview as we were told to be there 15 minutes early. As soon as I got there, this place was in a white building and I said to myself “Something is not right”. I looked and tried to find the floor in the email that was sent with the room number. I found it as I was looking around and noticed that this was the same thing they bribed me into back nearly three years ago. I saw the chairs, I saw the TV and most importantly, I saw the CUTCO advertisement. “Son of a Bitch” I said to myself and walked right on out. They once again tried to bribe me and I didn’t allow it. I went back to my mom’s van, pissed off and told her that it was the same damn people that tried to bribe me into working for them selling knives and leaving me frustrated once more in finding a job.
So the bottom line is this, if you see something shady like an ad or anything like that and you apply and you have to be interviewed by them in some random place and find it its Vector or you see anything online like Monster or Career from them, DON’T GO TO THEM! They are a scam and they are desperate for people to sell their knives for you. I don’t care if you work for vector or not, I don’t like them and they are not who they are told to be. Other then my job search, I am going to be looking still and hopefully finding some ones that will actually pay you and not some appointment. I have asked many of my friends if they can find me one, but some of them cannot even help me out which is very sad.

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By themeagang

Entry Nine: Sandy Sadness and Sorrow

This past week was possibly one of the fastest weeks that I have ever been through. Not because WWE 13 was coming out Tuesday as I was looking forward to that. It was a fast week of what we experienced if you lived on the east coast and had no school for the past week or so. Hurricane Sandy brought this week or should I say the week from hell to an end with sorrow and sadness. Sorrow from the people that were not on the east coast and other countries while the people that did live on the east coast up in the northern states, felt the sadness that was brought to them. People in New Jersey and New York suffering from the effects of Sandy with their houses destroyed, the shore being basically destroyed, houses on fire and transformers blowing up in the sky. Some stuff that I saw on the news was real, it was not fairies tale or a sci-fi movie, and it was real.

I live outside of Philadelphia and I got spared from the storm, but hearing the wind, hearing the sounds of the rain and thinking about the flooding was the scary parts. I have been through plenty of storms. I survived a tornado in the Poconos, I survived Hurricane Floyd in 1999, I survived Hurricane Isabel (which wasn’t technically a hurricane because it was sunny the next day), I survived a bad storm while taking SEPTA route 107 home from school when I told my mom I was going to be playing with the hose because it was hot outside and I survived Hurricane Irene in the process, however, Sandy was the one that was scary. I’ve heard fire trucks behind my house, seeing some transformers blow up the sky at night trying to make through the day with my new Fios. Speaking of Fios, the guys came out and got to hook up my stuff while at it. While people were at home and being scared, this guys come out from Philadelphia and didn’t let this storm stop them. It takes guts for someone like that, in a storm to set this up. I give Verizon a lot of credit with setting this up and I applaud them for being such daredevils.

The images in New York and New Jersey are mind boggling; It looks scary and most importantly, it was sad to even look at. I have family that is in Staten Island and I feared for the worse for them. I was thinking about everyone on the island for a couple of days and thinking how much they were cold, how much they were hungry and without power to be in their houses. I also thought of the families of the ones that passed, young and old. Nobody should be dying in this type of storm and I am sure that the elder did not want to die this way neither. Looking at the Jersey Shore, the houses in the streets were frightening to look at, Roller Coasters in the water and the board walks that people would walk on, gone. The gas situation is something very horrible and not to mention it’s scary as well. I hope they can get this fixed and people can start the repair on their homes.

While Sandy is haunting the minds of people forever with the deaths and the disaster, you can rebuild the homes, but the memories remain of what has happened. If you want to donate to the victims of Hurricane Sandy, you can through the Red Cross and donate whatever you like to them. Your donation is kind and wanted to the people out there.

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By themeagang