Entry Twelve: The action against bullying.

A couple of weeks ago, I did a blog about how I had a dream about two girls talking it out because one of them was bullied by the another, also in the blog, I put the differences with me protecting myself against the bullies and me being a bully survivor. While I did talk about that, something hit me very hard last night and something very hit me right in the gut. For those of you that live near the Philadelphia Area or in the United States and maybe heard it world wide, there was a young gentlemen by the name of Bailey, who was attacked at school because he was bullied, suffered a broken nose and then a seizure as he was put on life support since January 11th, passed away last night after the family made the toughest and hardest decision to take him off life support right after his twelfth birthday! It makes me upset that he passed away and you feel for the family of this young gentlemen who had bullied to death and it makes me even more angry that the kids who have done this to him are not even locked up. A suspension wasn’t enough for this and now a kid is dead because of their actions.

Before I have anyone jump down my throat because of this, I am going to clear something up. While you are entitled to your own opinions about certain stuff, Bullying is a very sensitive topic for me because I have gone through it before in my life, but don’t make comments about how Bailey should have fought back. He was out numbered by these kids and what was he supposed to do? It’s sad even to think about what happened during that day and how everything went down. I really think that the school district that Darby Township School is at, really needs to take some serious action against the kids that done this and another question I ask is do the parents really care about what their children do in school and how they are punished? Now of days, kids where I live and possibly in many other places should I say as well, act like animals. They have no class and if I was to act like that, my ass would have been whooped into respect! Thank god I didn’t think of that when I was younger.

So here is the bottom line of this: I really think BULLYING seriously needs to be against the law for every country. Not just the United States, but every country on the face of this earth. There are many kids out there that are being bullied for who they are and what they are. It makes me sick that headlines like this make the news and it wants me to punch something when I see someone committing suicide because of bullying and now seeing someone die because they were beaten to a pulp makes me more upset. I also believe that all schools really need to take a look at their bullying no zero tolerance policy and become more serious about this because now that I look at this, this can happen ANYWHERE now and it really needs to be stopped.

Even though I am someone that has been bullied and I don’t like to judge on what people wear because you are the ones picking your clothes that day of the week to wear, but if you can, wear either of these colors. Wear Purple if you were not bullied, but against bullying, (I know there is a day for that), Yellow if you were bullied, but over came the odds, and blue if you know someone that is getting bullied and you are supporting them this Friday which is the eighth of this month. I want everyone to realize that bullying is not a joke and really needs to be against the law so our kids can grow up and not having to live through the nightmares of bullying.

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By themeagang