Entry Thirteen: The Hobby I love doing, Efeding.

So a lot of you that read this blog always see what I do on here. It’s either talking about bullying, talking about my process of finding a job or frustrations on what I feel like I need to vent about, but there is something that I want to share and that is something I like to do when I am bored because I really don’t have that much people to hang out with or during my free time and that is Efeding. Now a lot of you don’t know what an Efed is or know what the hell it is, so, here is a definition on what an efed is so I know you’re on the right track on what I am talking about.


So that is a good example of what an E-Fed is. Now here is my story on how I got into Efeding on the net today.

Back in 2004, I was originally going to start doing it because I was hearing a lot of stuff from a friend of mine about it, but due to circumstances at the time with me being a dumb teenager and many other reasons, I was not allowed on the computer for nearly a year, which pushed it back till the following year, 2005 where I started E-Feding at a friends place where I had no clue what the hell at the time I was doing leading to the point where I talked with a couple of friends of mine and we started our own. Sure it was a little rocky at some points and my writing at the time was SHIT meaning it was not good. I was playing a character I did not know what was the difference between a heel and a face and that I was always flip flopping with characters which I didn’t have a clue how to run, but in 2006, I was starting to get a little bit better, but with me not knowing what to do still, I was in trouble, especially going on a year into this. Then one of my friends left who my co runner which lead to another friend of mine was helping me out and still to this day, he helps me out. Sure it was still rocky, but I was getting the hang of it. Then I decided it was time to move on to expand myself, but this one, is a long story.

It was an Underground E-Fed. I thought it was a good idea to join it, but let me tell you something, that September when I joined, I did not know what the hell I was going into the day I joined the fed. Here I was, my character being a sweet and innocent girl going against tough bitches that were all about blood and all that crazy stuff. They were crazy and it was crazy being there to the point where half of the time, I wanted to quit. I finally ended up eventually being a champion there, but I felt it I didn’t deserve to be the champion. I was still new and didn’t have a damn clue on what I was doing and eventually, one of my characters were called the “worst in ring skill” twice in 2007 which I felt like 2007 was my improving year, but compared to 2006, I felt like it was a Big Fuck you to me because I was finally improving at the stuff I was doing. My writing skills jumped up from being shit and I was finally getting the whole thing thanks to one of my best friends, who I call a brother and he is my chedda brother from another mother (Have to keep it civil right there because I don’t want be called a racist or anything like that), but he was the one that saw something in me. He was the one that saw that I was the one that could do it. While taking his advice, I became one of the best Underground Efeders in the history of that company moved on to take my dominance to a new Efed Company where I proved a lot of people wrong. Even though Underground Efeding seems to be apart of my closed chapter now and I accomplished a lot there. There is another book that is still opened.

While still looking beyond past my efed and doing some Underground Feding, I joined my friends REAL wrestlers Efed and let me tell you, I did not have a damn clue on how to play an actual wrestler until I was finally getting the hang out it later that year in 2008, but that fed would eventually close and I would move onto a different fed, which is still open to this day and let me tell you, I was very bad there, but over the time, I was finally getting it and getting it to the point where I *won* a tag team championship, but that would start over and I was actually handed the title. I would rather have been fighting for one instead of one just being handed over. I’ve played a lot of characters there, but I felt like it wasn’t good enough for the people at that fed to finally become Women’s Champion and one top of the company once and for all. I had that chance against my Spanish tutor for the Women’s Champion not once, but twice, but when she left the efed, I spoke up to the staff and said that they had ever opportunity to become the Women’s Champion with Angelina Love, who I was playing at the time, why wouldn’t you guys make the decision and put me as the champion? With unanswers with that one, we started over and again, I am on a mission to become the Women’s Champion with one character that I am a big fan of and have her in one of my favorite “ship” fed couples as me and my friend are wanting to become on top. I want it for not only the both of us, but to prove that I paid my dues here and that I am going to be remembered for something that I have done in that fed and that was becoming the most improved to a well respected person in the fed that knew what I was doing. I know it sounds corny, but I think I should be on top. If I was on top in many feds, then what is stopping me from becoming on top there? I don’t want to sound like a brat or anything, but I think its time.

As I look back on the past with me coming in as a fourteen and a half year old high schooler that was shit at writing and didn’t know a damn thing what I was doing to someone that is now twenty two, a college graduate, has a love for writing and many other stuff that I like to do. I asked myself how much gas do I have in the tank left for this and you know when its time to go, its time to go and move on. I said that 2015, my tenth year was it so I could move on. I am now an adult, not a dumb teenager anymore. While this is a hobby, a hobby dies once in a while and it’s now time to find a new one once the time comes.

Thanks for Reading.

By themeagang

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