Entry Nineteen: One Direction Fans Meltdown to Zayn leaving/ How I dealt with Geri leaving the Spice Girls.

Yesterday was possibly one of the worst days that I had to be on the Internet out of all places. For some of you that follow the news and so forth, Zayn Malik of the group “One Direction” left leading to every fan girl having a nervous breakdown to the point where it got so bad, there was a hashtag that said “Cut 4 Zayn”. I spoke out towards them and how I don’t like the fact that they have to use a suicidal taunt for attention. I stated on my personal twitter that there are people who suffer from depression and look to suicide by doing something like cutting their wrists. I don’t know why half of these girls think it’s funny to cut themselves and so forth because it’s not.

While seeing the viral meltdowns of Zayn leaving, this brought me back to a situation that happened back in 1998. Some seventeen years ago where most of the One Direction Fans weren’t even around yet. On May 31st, 1998, Geri Halliwell aka Ginger Spice from the group we known today as the Spice Girls, left the group. I remember this clearly because I was in the living room of the house I lived at in the Poconos and it was my dad that broke the news first to me while I was playing. For some of you that may or may not know. I was the biggest Spice Girls Fan. I had the dolls, I had the CDs, I saw and bought the movie. It drove my parent’s nuts that they had to spend the money on stuff like that. Hell, I remember driving my dad nuts because Ginger’s head broke off because my brother slammed the pull out bed, causing her head to break. We nearly went to EVERY STORE to try to find a Ginger Spice doll, but it wasn’t successful. I was upset.

Anyways, like any other fan of the Spice Girls, life had to go on. We were going out that Sunday and I just remembered the Spice Girls dominated the news and the music was being played. Eventually, I would come to my senses and move on myself. We didn’t have social media back a couple of years ago. The only way we saw news like that was the television or newspapers. That was it. That Monday was a school day and most of the girls that were older than me talked about it, but I should mention that there was other music that was hot during that year to. I would eventually grow out of the Spice Girls phase as I got older among the years, but would go back to listening to the Spice Girls as “guilty pleasure”. I did give the Spice Girls as a “Foursome” a chance, but it wasn’t the same without Ginger Spice.

In 2007, they would get back together for a reunion. At the time of it being announced, I didn’t care for it because I was listening to different genres of music as my focus was on the likes of Rob Zombie, 311 and other rock bands. I would try my best to get into it, but it wasn’t the passion I had for them before. When they performed at the closing ceremonies of the Olympics in 2012, I gave it a shot. While watching them, I saw my childhood flash in front of my eyes. The little girl inside of me was marking out while I saw the flashes of my childhood go in front of me. Even though they’ve got older, they’ve still kicked ass on stage and looked better when they did when they were younger.

Going back to the One Direction situation. Even though I do not listen to any of this new stuff that you hear today, and if this me in this situation of having One Direction go down to a “foursome”. I would give them a chance like I did with the Spice Girls, but eventually, you will grow out of their music and listen to something else. It could happen if you want to make that choice. I’m not controlling anyone to listen to any type of music. Not that any of these “fangirls” want to listen to a twenty-four year old that likes old school music.

Bottom line is this; cutting yourself over someone leaving a group isn’t worth it. Threatening others harm and saying that you are going to buy the band because one person left is not going to solve it neither. There should be other things that you should be worrying about like getting an education, going to college and staying out of trouble because doing these types of things are going to lead you from getting banned from the computer or worse.

So take my advice, cutting yourself, threatening others is not worth it. I hope this message gets out there to you “fansgirls” going crazy.

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By themeagang