Entry Twenty: My liking of a wrestler

I haven’t blogged since March because I’ve been busy a lot and haven’t really had the time to do one. I finally had the time to sit down and think about to write. I hope everyone is ready for this.

The year 2015 been a rollercoaster. From trying to figure out what’s going to happen to my family to looking for a job until I was finally brought back after something going down there a couple of weeks prior to finally getting back on track. The list goes on and on. However, there was one date that will forever be meaningful to me and this date was…

May 15th, 2015.

Why is the date important to me? Why is that I’m only talking about this date? It’s the date I went to see WWE NXT at the Tower Theater this past year, and it took one wrestler to make me like a wrestler again? I will explain further when it comes up because I have a lot of things to say, but first, I’m going to talk about how I was able to secure these tickets.

IF I wasn’t let go after the holidays, I was supposed to save up some money to take a trip to Pittsburgh. Yes, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where I was going to see the Minnesota Twins play against the Pirates and see one of my favorite pitcher, Phil Hughes, possibly pitch one of the games. I was rehired in April and had no time to get these tickets. My paycheck would be two weeks later and that was the first week in May. (I could be off on that one, not sure). While figuring out, I noticed that NXT was in town and it was at a place where I knew where it was. The Tower Theater which is near 69th street in the Shopping District. I was conflicted because the show was on Thursday and had to ask my mom for some help to get these because I wanted to see close up, but because of situations being tight, she couldn’t help.

I was crushed because payday was coming up and my money wouldn’t clear to that Monday. I kept hoping that there would be another day added in order for me to go. After some speculation, another day was finally added and it was the 15th. I was relived and the plans for Pittsburgh were officially off. I decided I was going to NXT.

The weekend was long, hot and going slow because it was the last weekend before the show. I wanted that week to go by quickly so the day would come quickly. Thanks to a call in for work and watching NXT as well, it did and Friday did come. My brother had to get his then girlfriend at the time, who was going with us, but with me. I was getting anxious and wanted to leave early. I just did that and had to make a stop to a store because I was thirsty. Anyways, let’s get to the actual show.

The show itself was amazing. From opening to finish, it was one show that I wouldn’t forget and would talk about it for months on end and annoy people about it. I was glad that I had fun and I was also glad that my brother saw one of his favorite NXT Diva, Bayley on top of that. So it was a win-win situation. However, it was the main event I was intrigued of seeing.

The day before this one, It was Finn Balor vs. Tyler Breeze vs. Kevin Owens in a triple threat match for the NXT Championship, which Owens was holding at the time. Apparently, Kevin Owens did something and it caused Balor to be angry, and when he gets angry, something comes out of him. While reading what was going on, he said that Kevin Owens has to bring his “A” Game because the show I was at….he was bringing the demon.

This made the main event more intriguing to me because I was one of the lucky ones that would see this once in a lifetime chance to see Finn as the Demon. I was able to catch it on video which I will share here.

(Had I not moved my camera in time, I would’ve missed him)

While Finn was making his entrance, I was just amazed at the fact that he was coming to the ring like that. I know this sounds a little bit corny, but I felt like it was love at first sighted at the same time. I was just amazed about this and lost for words watching someone talented and beautiful making this entrance. I enjoyed the match and thought it was cool, especially after where Finn jumped from the railing onto the wrestlers and him getting his revenge on Owens. I loved that part, but in the end, I noticed the show was over.

I wasn’t sad that the show was over or anything. I felt happy again, but over the course of the weeks since I saw Finn, I felt a feeling that I haven’t felt in a long time and that feeling was me crushing over a wrestler. Now the last time that has happened, I was crushing over Jeff Hardy where I would cut his pictures and put them on my wall. Since then, I would go for the baseball players and not care about the wrestlers because most of the time, the obsessed fan girls would ruin it for me and it would take a long time for me to ever liking someone again. Thanks to one person, this feeling came back.

I’m going to put this out there that it wasn’t this show that I became a fan of him. I was a fan of him prior to seeing him live for the first time. I watched his documentary right after the NXT Takeover event where he debuted the paint and noticed how sweet, kind and humble he was. It’s personality that makes someone attractive and I find his personality as well as his cuteness (Yes, I did call him cute) that’s attractive, but at the same time, he’s a damn good wrestler and is NXT Champion for a reason, in which I nearly missed because I was asleep during the Japan show and had not my brother texted me, I would’ve missed the whole thing. Thank god it would be on replay.

I always dream about redoing my prom because to me, it was a disaster. I didn’t have anyone to go with, my hair was messed up, and I didn’t have anyone to dance with those dances. In fact, I wrote a blog about actually redoing my prom to the stuff I wanted to be, but apparently, that didn’t come true, but hey, dreams could come true with me possibly redoing it with Finn this time? Never say Never……

OK, I have to stop right there because it’s getting desperate in a way and I’m being thirsty haha.

In the end, that’s why I’m happy to like a wrestler again. Not because I have a crush on them, but I just found someone I can cheer for. That’s what matters to me and I have to say thank you to Finn for not only impressing me, but giving me the chance to cheer for someone again.

Thanks for Reading

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