Entry Twenty-Two: Baseball. Does it really need Villains and Heroes?

*Disclaimer* this newest entry isn’t biased or intended to be mean. It’s about an opinion I have regarding something that was said that really makes me want to shake my head and throw up hands up in the air and question this person why he thinks that. Please be advised, this blog maybe GIF worthy and shady at the same time.


A little before I went to work today, I did my normal routine of checking my social media to check and see what was being said and what I missed while I was sleeping and catching some sleep. I decided to look and then I saw something that made me shake my head and roll my eyes. Here is the subject that I saw that made me do such a thing.





To quote the Miz from the WWE. “Really?” “Really?”


Of course, I’m blocked on my personal page and I actually sub quoted the tweet and said since when did Vince McMahon buy out baseball and become his company? (I since then deleted the tweet). Then I went to Rhett Bollinger, who I always keep in contact with because he is my go-to person when I asked about The Twins, The Yankees or just tell him about my cats and wrestling or just saying hello to him and said this.





Obviously, that would be favorite on twitter, but it had me wondering about something. Does Baseball really need heroes and villains?


It’s funny how the New York Yankees have were mentioned in that tweet because I can think of many people on that team that had the best personalities like Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte, Bernie Williams, Jorge Posada, and Mariano Rivera, but they weren’t labeled Heroes or Villains. Other cities such as Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle, and other towns that the Yankees played them despised them, but didn’t label those guys I said above heroes or villains. They were just good players and amazing people on the outside.


Sure, some of the Yankees had some players that had bad reputations. That goes for any other team out. Everyone has a good and bad personality, it doesn’t make them either one of them. Hell, for all I know, Phil Hughes could pop up on WWE, play the role as a heel, and he could do an amazing job, but regardless, it’s the personality of the person that plays the character. Going on wrestling again, Triple H, who happens to be one of my favorite wrestlers of all time, plays the role as heel on television, but has a good personality and cares about the future of this business. On top of that, he’s a future hall of famer.


Now onto something that was recent in that tweet and that was the Chicago Cubs. It was their personalities, their comeback and determination that every one of those players had to win the World Series. Not once did I see the Cleveland Indians act like the Kevin Owens Character once and not once did I see The Chicago Cubs act like Seth Rollins during that series. So explain to me why heroes and Villains were needed there or maybe just recently, Did Julian Edelman of the New England Patriots have the character of Dean Ambrose and did Tom Brady had the character of John Cena during Super Bowl 51?


OK let me back up at the last line, maybe Tom Brady did have the five moves of doom and win the Super Bowl. I don’t know he did and for starters, he could be viewed as the Villain in all of Football, but It’s his personality and drive that made him get that Super Bowl Ring for a fifth time.


Bottom line is this: It’s the personality that gets you going that makes you play baseball. If I wanted to see characters of heels or faces, I would either pay 9.99 + tax for WWE Network on watch it on Fios if I wanted to see characters like that. I still watch baseball to root and jeer for who I want, not label someone the heels or faces.
Thanks for Reading.








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