Entry Twelve: The action against bullying.

A couple of weeks ago, I did a blog about how I had a dream about two girls talking it out because one of them was bullied by the another, also in the blog, I put the differences with me protecting myself against the bullies and me being a bully survivor. While I did talk about that, something hit me very hard last night and something very hit me right in the gut. For those of you that live near the Philadelphia Area or in the United States and maybe heard it world wide, there was a young gentlemen by the name of Bailey, who was attacked at school because he was bullied, suffered a broken nose and then a seizure as he was put on life support since January 11th, passed away last night after the family made the toughest and hardest decision to take him off life support right after his twelfth birthday! It makes me upset that he passed away and you feel for the family of this young gentlemen who had bullied to death and it makes me even more angry that the kids who have done this to him are not even locked up. A suspension wasn’t enough for this and now a kid is dead because of their actions.

Before I have anyone jump down my throat because of this, I am going to clear something up. While you are entitled to your own opinions about certain stuff, Bullying is a very sensitive topic for me because I have gone through it before in my life, but don’t make comments about how Bailey should have fought back. He was out numbered by these kids and what was he supposed to do? It’s sad even to think about what happened during that day and how everything went down. I really think that the school district that Darby Township School is at, really needs to take some serious action against the kids that done this and another question I ask is do the parents really care about what their children do in school and how they are punished? Now of days, kids where I live and possibly in many other places should I say as well, act like animals. They have no class and if I was to act like that, my ass would have been whooped into respect! Thank god I didn’t think of that when I was younger.

So here is the bottom line of this: I really think BULLYING seriously needs to be against the law for every country. Not just the United States, but every country on the face of this earth. There are many kids out there that are being bullied for who they are and what they are. It makes me sick that headlines like this make the news and it wants me to punch something when I see someone committing suicide because of bullying and now seeing someone die because they were beaten to a pulp makes me more upset. I also believe that all schools really need to take a look at their bullying no zero tolerance policy and become more serious about this because now that I look at this, this can happen ANYWHERE now and it really needs to be stopped.

Even though I am someone that has been bullied and I don’t like to judge on what people wear because you are the ones picking your clothes that day of the week to wear, but if you can, wear either of these colors. Wear Purple if you were not bullied, but against bullying, (I know there is a day for that), Yellow if you were bullied, but over came the odds, and blue if you know someone that is getting bullied and you are supporting them this Friday which is the eighth of this month. I want everyone to realize that bullying is not a joke and really needs to be against the law so our kids can grow up and not having to live through the nightmares of bullying.

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Entry Eleven: Overcoming the Bullying Odds

The other day when I was feeling sick, I decided to take a nap to rest off on how I was feeling and let me tell you, I’ve felt like crap, however, during my nap, I had a dream about something that I wanted to share and that was a girl being bullied on the way walking home from Drexel Hill Middle School. Her name was Adrianna and she was being bullied because of her appearance even though she looked pretty, but the girl name Jessica bullied her because she had acne all over her face. I was walking behind her and I pulled Adrianna and I told her to come along with me. I found Jessica and grabbed her too and I asked why she made fun of her. I’ve asked the both of them why they have a problem with one another. Adrianna didn’t speak, Jessica called her names right in front of her which made her cry. I told Jessica that words hurt, but she gave me that preteen attitude of “I don’t care” Until I told her to knock it off. I sat with both of them on the sidewalk and discussing their problems with one another as Jessica did say she was sorry and would try to be nicer. However, my dream didn’t last long as I had to wake up from my nap so I wouldn’t over sleep.

The reason why I am writing this blog because I want to talk about how I overcame my bullying odds over the course of the years of my life; it was not hard, but it was sure not easy. You see, a lot of you may know me as someone that is cheerful, friendly, crazy and most importantly, hard working young women that is known for speaking her mind out. A lot of you that have been my friend online for the longest time here and I like to talk about stuff, but there is one side of my life that I haven’t told and that was me being bullied. I know that I am going to sound like a broken record on repeat, but I need to say something that is on my chest about this.

Now, I have made countless videos about me talking about bullying and how it happened. Infact, there was some points online that I had people tweeting me about how I was ugly and so forth and messaging me on Facebook and calling me a pig and a slut before deactivating their account before I could take the step further. While on Facebook or Twitter, you can block them and poof they are gone (Trust me, I have 30 something people on Facebook blocked because they either A bullied me or B I don’t want anything to do with them. I choose both because they are unworthy to be on my page) However, while I am in the real life, and when I see the bullies, I try my best to ignore them and shut them out, but when someone says something about me or make fun of me, I have to open my mouth and tell them to fuck off. While it does work, it comes back at me and I hate when it happens. It appears that I cannot open my mouth living down here which leads to this.

Back in the Poconos, where I come from and if you were being picked on by someone and trust me, I had something nasty shit said to me in the second grade, but let me tell you something, whatever was said, it got them in trouble, however throughout my life living in Clifton Heights, Drexel Hill and going to school here, it was, if you ratted someone out, you would be labeled a “snitch”. While I had my fair share of ratting people out, it was for my protection and my life with the bullying. How was I going to go to school down here and get an education? I don’t care about what people are saying as I am stating on how I feel and what I feel about this, but it seemed like each time I got help, I would lose and it would take the bullying side. Trust me, when I made a threat against a bully, I would have been suspended or take a detention, but that didn’t stop them as it kept on going or when I was threatened because I was getting attacked in gym class and nearly had a pin struck right in the head from being told by a friend and being told that if I was going to rat out on them, I would be jumped right after school. Turns out that my mom got involved with that one, had the police come and the following day at school, I had people come around me to be on my side only to have the girl that started this all backed out, but my mom was told that she was budging in the investigation and only had to take action the MONDAY from the actual principal only to have to be moved to another classroom. While I felt victory over that particular person, I felt ganged up by friends of that person over the years.

So here is where I overcame the bullying odds. I matured over time and I was confident of being capable of holding myself in. Infact, one of the bullies that was bothering me about being a Yankees Fan and let me tell you something, it sucked being a fan of them, especially during the 2008 World Series, but in 2009, we knew what happened, another victory for me, but back on topic, I had enough and shoved them into a locker and was pissed off and told them not to mess around with me again. I didn’t get caught or anything, I proved myself that I was not going to take their shit anymore or another story in tenth grade where someone bullied me in Elementary School makes a comment that I am nothing, but dirt which set me off and I wanted to kill him only to have the fact that he was in my class the following year, but did not say shit to me about certain stuff. However over the years, I’ve seen the bullies come to Delaware County Community College, but they’ve dropped out while I got my associates degree in Applied Sciences which I am very happy about, but when I see the bullies that attacked me throughout the years and saying that I was not going to go far in my life, where are they now? Where are the ones that made fun of me? That’s the question I want everyone to think of a good answer about.

While I feel like this blog is not talking quote on quote shit about anyone that came in my past, I just want to send a message to these bullies: Nearly Twelve years since this all started, TWELEVE long years that this has been haunting me, why have you hurt me? Why have you made fun of me when I have done nothing to you? Can you guys think of a good answer to give me with that? For years, this has been haunting me, for years this has been scaring me. You’ve put me down so much, but guess what, NONE of you could have break me in half like you’ve tried. I am not the same Meagan Gearity that you would make false rumors about which were a lie, I am not the same Meagan Gearity that you would try to call names, I am not the same Meagan Gearity who you can attack for liking different sports teams. I am Meagan Gearity, a Bullying survivor, a Delaware County Community College Graduate, A Wrestling Fan, a Yankees Fan, A Spurs Fan, a Patriots Fan and A Flames Fan. None of you could have broke me in the past and now you can’t.

And to everyone that has been my friend for years or to my family members that supported me, thank you for having my back throughout this time.

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Entry Ten: Don’t trust Vector Marketing!!!

I am someone that has been looking for a job for the longest time now and since I am graduating college in a couple of weeks, I have to look for one to get my name out there. Looking for a job and maybe getting interviews is a little hard and possible depressing if you ask me when you see a lot of people that somehow got a job before you did when you have more experience, but there was one company that I’ve thought was something that I would have expected like an actual paying job to help people out, but really it was not and I am talking about is Vector Marketing.

This is not the first time they would pull this type of stunt on me because the first time around was 2010 when they posed as “ecolight” when I was in need of a job. They were at my school and I told them that I needed a job. I filled out the application and waited until it was true. The day right after Labor Day of that year they called and said I had an interview the first time. Happy enough, I told my mother, but she was iffy about this, but drove me to the place where this was at the time by the Chuck E Chesse here. However, this place was not the typical office, it was a room with chairs and a TV as I looked around and said “something is not right” right then and there I was interviewed and I was asked questions. As soon as I was done, I had to sit through a seminar. This was not a typical job interview where it was one and done until you got the call. These people wanted us to sell CUTCO Knives. Like who the heck would buy knives in this type of economy we have right now and what is hard buying knives as at SEARS? After sitting there for nearly an hour in a half, my phone rang as it was my mom as she said something was not right. I got up and left and told them that this was not for me. He would then say “good luck in finding a job” as I didn’t look back and went down stairs. Ever since I have been looking for a job since that, I have been on interviews, but I was not successful just yet until last Friday where I thought this would be the straw.

At school last Friday, I saw something that was a flyer as this would be the perfect chance for me getting a job with the holidays coming up really soon. I went into the bathroom where nobody could have heard me talk about this. While using the bathroom, this person on the phone at this place told me that this was a job for college income and that I could help people out. It was 15 dollars per appointment and they would have kept me if they liked me. In agreement, I said yes, but weirdly, they put my interview for Saturday which was odd because Saturday is normally a weekend for some people and that job interviews don’t take place (As I really don’t know about that one). My mom and I had to clean the kitchen out yesterday and I got ready for this interview as we were told to be there 15 minutes early. As soon as I got there, this place was in a white building and I said to myself “Something is not right”. I looked and tried to find the floor in the email that was sent with the room number. I found it as I was looking around and noticed that this was the same thing they bribed me into back nearly three years ago. I saw the chairs, I saw the TV and most importantly, I saw the CUTCO advertisement. “Son of a Bitch” I said to myself and walked right on out. They once again tried to bribe me and I didn’t allow it. I went back to my mom’s van, pissed off and told her that it was the same damn people that tried to bribe me into working for them selling knives and leaving me frustrated once more in finding a job.
So the bottom line is this, if you see something shady like an ad or anything like that and you apply and you have to be interviewed by them in some random place and find it its Vector or you see anything online like Monster or Career from them, DON’T GO TO THEM! They are a scam and they are desperate for people to sell their knives for you. I don’t care if you work for vector or not, I don’t like them and they are not who they are told to be. Other then my job search, I am going to be looking still and hopefully finding some ones that will actually pay you and not some appointment. I have asked many of my friends if they can find me one, but some of them cannot even help me out which is very sad.

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Entry Nine: Sandy Sadness and Sorrow

This past week was possibly one of the fastest weeks that I have ever been through. Not because WWE 13 was coming out Tuesday as I was looking forward to that. It was a fast week of what we experienced if you lived on the east coast and had no school for the past week or so. Hurricane Sandy brought this week or should I say the week from hell to an end with sorrow and sadness. Sorrow from the people that were not on the east coast and other countries while the people that did live on the east coast up in the northern states, felt the sadness that was brought to them. People in New Jersey and New York suffering from the effects of Sandy with their houses destroyed, the shore being basically destroyed, houses on fire and transformers blowing up in the sky. Some stuff that I saw on the news was real, it was not fairies tale or a sci-fi movie, and it was real.

I live outside of Philadelphia and I got spared from the storm, but hearing the wind, hearing the sounds of the rain and thinking about the flooding was the scary parts. I have been through plenty of storms. I survived a tornado in the Poconos, I survived Hurricane Floyd in 1999, I survived Hurricane Isabel (which wasn’t technically a hurricane because it was sunny the next day), I survived a bad storm while taking SEPTA route 107 home from school when I told my mom I was going to be playing with the hose because it was hot outside and I survived Hurricane Irene in the process, however, Sandy was the one that was scary. I’ve heard fire trucks behind my house, seeing some transformers blow up the sky at night trying to make through the day with my new Fios. Speaking of Fios, the guys came out and got to hook up my stuff while at it. While people were at home and being scared, this guys come out from Philadelphia and didn’t let this storm stop them. It takes guts for someone like that, in a storm to set this up. I give Verizon a lot of credit with setting this up and I applaud them for being such daredevils.

The images in New York and New Jersey are mind boggling; It looks scary and most importantly, it was sad to even look at. I have family that is in Staten Island and I feared for the worse for them. I was thinking about everyone on the island for a couple of days and thinking how much they were cold, how much they were hungry and without power to be in their houses. I also thought of the families of the ones that passed, young and old. Nobody should be dying in this type of storm and I am sure that the elder did not want to die this way neither. Looking at the Jersey Shore, the houses in the streets were frightening to look at, Roller Coasters in the water and the board walks that people would walk on, gone. The gas situation is something very horrible and not to mention it’s scary as well. I hope they can get this fixed and people can start the repair on their homes.

While Sandy is haunting the minds of people forever with the deaths and the disaster, you can rebuild the homes, but the memories remain of what has happened. If you want to donate to the victims of Hurricane Sandy, you can through the Red Cross and donate whatever you like to them. Your donation is kind and wanted to the people out there.

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Entry Eight: HOPE for the Yankees.

Last night game one of the American League Championship Series, I thought that the Tigers would win 4-0 because the Yankees bats were dead through the whole entire game, but when Ichrio hit a 2 run home run making it 4-2 and down by two, it was Raul Ibanez, who hit a homerun in game three the other night then again in the twelfth inning to win the game, comes up and hits a home run, tying the ball game, but in the top twelfth of game one, something terrible happened to one beloved captain.

Derek Jeter, who has been hot basically for the Yankees and someone playing with a ankle that was giving him problems, broke his ankle last night on a play where he was trying to make it a double. Seeing Derek, falling on the ground last night and trying to throw it to Robinson Cano and being in pain, you knew something was wrong right then and there. We have been hearing from the announcers and Girardi about his ankle being hurt and with the Yankees playing FOUR games in a row, you knew there was no rest for him and as much as I like and respect him, he had no time for rest this foot and it got the best of him last night. Looking at the captain, on the ground and being in pain, I had a flash back. A flash back to last year’s National League Division Series with the Cardinals and the Phillies. Ryan Howard was on the ground as he was hurt and had to get off the field. While it was the series ending for the Phillies, Ryan Howard had to fight his way back and get better. The Yankees, who I am still amazed at for making it to the ALCS, are in need of HOPE. They lost a captain to a broken ankle. So this is in need of wonder, who is going to step it up and be the co captain for the remainder of the series AND if they go to the World Series?

Here are a couple of options; Ichrio. Ever since has came to New York after being the heel there for many years, how about he is the leader of the house? He did well in the play off and he is working well here. Another one is Ibanez. He has been so clutch for the Yankees so maybe he should be the leader. I don’t want A-Rod to hit because he doesn’t do JACK for the team besides strike out. The Yankees also need motivation because with Derek Out, this can help the team emotionally and baseball wise. The Yankees need to:

A) Start playing like Derek wants them to play and that is go out there and kick some ass to the Tigers.
B) Have Eduardo Nunez or Jayson Nix be the stars; With those two youngsters filling in for Derek Jeter, they can make themselves, legends of October. Raul did it the other day and yesterday so these two can step it up.

With Game Two in a couple of hours, The Yankees need HOPE. I am seeing a lot of Yankees Fans give up on them because Jeter is hurt. Do not give up on the Yankees! You can never count them out first of all and secondly, you just need faith in your team. Don’t give up because if you do, The Tigers would just cruse along into the World Series. Us Yankees Fans need to believe in them and not give up. I am still saying that the Yankees will win this in Seven and go onto the World Series. That’s my hope for the team and you guys need the hope as well.

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Entry Seven: What the F**K happened to the Women’s Divisions in TNA and WWE?

I thought I would write a blog about one of my favorite things and that is wrestling. Now I have been watching wrestling for a couple of years now (twelve to be exact) and one of the first moments I saw when it came to the WWF Divas at the time was Tori kissing X-Pac in his feud with Kane. Since then, that randomly got me hooked and I’ve been watching religiously since. Now I do want to bring something up while talking about this and that is the Women’s Divisions that has been going down hill.

In the year 2000, when I first started watching wrestling, the Women’s Champion was The Kat, who was one of my favorites for some reason despite taking off her top when she won the Women’s Championship, but she lost that to Harvey in the snowbunny match as he was dressed up like a girl. I thought that was funny, but really, why have a dude win the Women’s Championship? Anyways, that Smackdown, he lost the title to Jacqueline, who I have mad respect for in wrestling and from there she was a kick ass champion until she lost to Stephanie McMahon that had no wrestling background, but it was to make her the heel with not her defending it until Lita came around, but it also brought in Trish Stratus as well as she feuded with Lita. On the day Lita won the title thanks for the rock, I knew that this would be a good open, but then I’ve watched some videos from the past today, that the Women’s Division was real and going to be poppin in the 2000s. Lita would defend against the likes of Trish Stratus and actually bringing in the Bra and Panties match, but with wrestling, Ivory, and Jacqueline. Lita would lose the title to Ivory, who I found the biggest heel in wrestling for the Women (Behind Stephanie McMahon in a non wrestling role) in a fatal four way match. Lita would have a rematch, but she would lose and be busted open proving that Women are not afraid to bleed in matches which was cool. In the beginning of 2001, Ivory was in a feud with Chyna, another favorite of mine behind Lita that would go on for the first couple of months of that year. I remember Chyna getting hurt and I remember being upset about it until I found out that she was ok. At Wrestlemania 17, Chyna finally won the Women’s Championship and would lead to a dominant Women’s Champion, but I didn’t know while being ten years old that Chyna was leaving because of personal problems with Stephanie and one of my favorite wrestlers, Triple H. I remember her last match being against Lita which pitted two of my favorites in a match and Lita gave it her all and I thought she would win the title that night to keep it going, but it was deactivate when Chyna left. In November, Trish Stratus would win one of her first of seven titles. At first I wasn’t supportive because I felt Trish Stratus wasn’t ready, but she did have some good matches during her first run, especially her match with Jazz at the Royal Rumble of 2002.

From 2002, when Jazz was champion; we have seen her become dominant during her run. I remember Wrestlemania 18, Lita vs. Trish Stratus vs. Jazz was a pretty cool match, but it was after Wrestlemania where Trish Stratus and her feuded for the title, with Molly Holly attacking her during her heel run. Jazz and Trish Stratus would have some psychical and tough matches, especially that Hardcore Match in Toronto which was a fun match. From there, you would see matches like that and some technical matches with Molly and Trish at King of the Ring which Molly won her first title. During Molly’s run, you would see her defend her title against Trish, Torrie and Nidia. I remember in Torrie’s Match, she would do well, but she lost the match. Nidia did pretty good as well and it lead to Trish Stratus winning the title at Unforgiven that year and then leading to some of the violent matches against Victoria. Trish would win the first round at No Mercy, but Victoria won the second round at Survivor Series in a hardcore match which she won. Her and Trish with Jazz added to the mix was another brutal matches on hand as Trish would win at Wrestlemania before losing to Jazz at Backlash. Smackdown on the side was all about the contest with Torrie, Nidia, Sable, and Dawn at the time with a little amount of wrestling as well. RAW was the ass kicking division and it would be that way. I also remember Gail Kim winning her first championship when she debuted. I didn’t think it was possible for that to happen, but it did and I was in shock as well, but the biggest shock that year? Lita. She came back and I remember screaming when she came back. She would feud with Molly for the title, but didn’t win the title which lead to Molly’s next feud, Victoria as Victoria would turn face before 2004 came in.

Here is the downfall of the Women’s Division and I believe this was the start. 2004. You had good matches with Lita, Molly, Trish, Gail, Jazz and so many others. The Molly and Victoria feud with end at Wrestlemania 20 where Molly got her head shaved bald and it also saw Trish Stratus turning heel as well which came at a shock. Another good match was Lita vs. Victoria at Backlash which was a good one as Victoria did lose the title at Bad Blood and lead to Trish Stratus holding the title until December. It also should be noted that Kane got Lita “pregnant” during the time and Trish had a broken hand. This feud with Lita and Trish would be heated until Lita would “miscarry” and her and Trish feuded from there, but it also should be stated that the Diva Search started. Why did the WWE have to start a new contest when the first won failed? Well this won didn’t fail as we were stuck with this till 2007. Lita would come back and give a little hope for the division when she defeated Trish for the title in the main event, but again it went down hill as Trish won her sixth Women’s Championship and would feud with the likes of Christy Hemme for the title in 2005. I didn’t know you had to pose butt ass naked to get a Women’s Championship. The Women’s division was starting to go down the drain a bit because prior to this mess, Gail Kim and Jazz were fired. Jackie Gayda, Dawn Marie was around,but they would be released too. Trish was out with a back injury, so the only girls you had was Torrie, Candice, Victoria, Ashley, Melina and I am sure I am missing a couple here. Lita was in a non wrestling role and turned heel to align with Edge and it wasn’t until September of that year where Trish Stratus would return and leading to the likes of the feud with Mickie James, Which I call the greatest feud since Lita. In 2006, I had hope and I was getting tired of Trish’s run as champion, so I thought a shape up would come. Here comes Mickie at Wrestlemania 22 and winning the title her first match in and I remember her getting cheered when she won the title. Torrie and Candice were the side match of the show with their match as I thought Women’s Wrestlers that can wrestle for the time can go for the title while Eye Candy was facing Eye Candy. When 2006 was closing, Trish and Lita were leaving as Trish would win the title in her hometown and retire while Lita would lose her final match to Mickie James in Philadelphia . Starting in 2007, I started to shift away from the Women’s division with the WWE because I felt they were pushing ONLY Diva Search girls and not Women’s wrestlers. While Mickie and Victoria did have a good match in the beginning of the year as Mickie lost the title to Melina, this would be a good start for Melina as she was a wrestler already, but when she defended the title against Ashley at Wrestlemania 23, I thought “What the fuck” because I felt this match was horrible. I was starting to lose hope and actually, I did lose interest for the time being when Candice won the title at Night of Champions. I didn’t care about the Women’s division and shifted away from it which got me to TNA as they were starting a women’s division. At first, I saw many of the girls like Awesome Kong, ODB, Velvet Sky, Angelina Love and many others come in and I remember seeing Kong vs. Gail. It was WRESTLING and I have to say it was the real deal and when Gail won the title by becoming the first champion, this was going to make Women’s wrestling better. Back to the WWE side, Beth Phoenix would win the Women’s championship which put hope back in, but I was glued to TNA and in TNA, you had the different looks.

With WWE and TNA in 2008, WWE’s Women’s Championship was either held by Mickie James or Beth Phoenix, they would bring in the WWE Divas Championship and make Michelle McCool champion for the first champion while TNA was Gail Kim, Awesome Kong and Taylor Wilde before going back to Kong. Flashing to mid 2009, where TNA was having some good matches with their knockouts, WWE was getting better, but it wasn’t till 2009 where TNA was actually going down. They bring in Lacey Von Erich which makes the division go down hill because you don’t see the Beautiful People like the Beautiful People. WWE was getting better as Smackdown was the better wrestling brand, but that was dominated by Michelle McCool. Skipping a little to after Wrestlemania, Eve Torres wins the title and at Lockdown, you would think Velvet Sky would be the winner of the Knockouts Championship. Nope. Madison Rayne, who has not won a match, wins the Title. OK, don’t get me wrong, she has some good matches during her first run, but the controversial one was against Roxxi and it makes me sick to even think about it. WWE had Eve Torres, but she lost to Alicia Fox which Alicia would lose to Melina in her home town as Melina had her first match back on that RAW which would lead to a feud against Michelle McCool as she won the Divas Championship combining. You would see the Beautiful People reunite and Velvet Sky get fucked over again when Tara won the title, but it would lead to a good feud with Mickie James and Mickie going for the Knockouts championship that year. I would also like the mention that I did again have hope in the WWE with Natalya being champion and her feuding with Melina as Madison would finish out the year as champion and holding it for 188 days. While WWE was starting to get better, TNA was getting worse and it would.

WWE started the year with the Royal Rumble and added Eve in the last second as she would win the title. TNA would have Madison hold onto the title, but Mickie James would win in 38 seconds to win the title. Eve did drop the title to Brie and I know I am going to get backlash, but Kelly did win the title from Brie Bella which would lead people to end up not being happy, but Kelly did have a good run and of course, she would be over with the fans. The Knockouts championship would play hot potato from Mickie to Winter to Mickie to Winter, however, the month of October , Beth Phoenix, who started the Divas of Doom with Natalya as I had hope the divas division would get better, wins the Divas Championship, but the bigger factor in 2011 was Velvet Sky winning the championship. Being the wild card in the match and not having the championship at all, this was the moment to shine and this would be the moment to have your popular Knockout win the title, but that would all change because Gail Kim would come back.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love Gail Kim to death as she is the sweetest person, but TNA didn’t need to give Gail Kim BOTH Knockouts championships. She didn’t need the tag team championships NOR didn’t she need the Knockouts Championship which she would hold onto for 210 days. Beth Phoenix would have matches, but she would disappear as well. In the end of the year, Mickie got two championship shots in December and then losing at Genesis which would start to see who would go next.

2012, IMO is the worse year for Women’s wrestling for the WWE and TNA. TNA goes hot potato for the girls to face Gail Kim and never giving a feud. Beth Phoenix is rarely on and loses to Maria at wrestle mania along with Eve. Girls are leaving because they are frustrated and so forth. Nikki Bella wins the title only to have Layla come back and win it as there is nobody to challenge her. Gail loses to Tessmacher as Tessmacher becomes champion (Which I have nothing against) as Kharma, Velvet Sky, Maxine and Angelina Love all leave their respective companies because of the way stuff is going on. Now here is what I feel about what is going on with the divisions.

WWE needs help big time and last night, it caused Anarchy on twitter with them not being shown on the three hour show. Someone needs to take a stand with them and I hope honestly that someone fixes it up. TNA needs to use different girls besides the one they are using now. They only have Gail Kim, Mickie James, Madison Rayne, Tara and Brooke left while ODB signed a new contract while Rosita, Sarita and Winter are NOWHERE to be found and While TNA is the better of a wrestling division, WWE needs to be a little bit boasted and needs help big time and making sure that the divas are USED instead of having anarchy on twitter and as of right now, AJ is being the only one pushed with her summer storyline with her psycho side and now being the GM of Monday Night RAW . I hope this does change because you want to know where your REAL women’s action is? WSU, SHIMMER, SHINE, AIW and Remix and many independent promotions.

That’s what I have to say about that.

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Entry Six: The Florida Files; My point of views.

*Disclaimer* before anyone reads this, I want to warn everyone here. This blog is NOT a personal attack on ANYONE in my family or anyone that I know. This blog is about how I feel about certain stuff and how I feel about a couple of things. This is like a “wrestling shoot” when a wrestler leaves the company and talks about their time in the business, but in this case, I just want to bring up the situation about a couple of things that is on my mind right now so here we go.

Today happens to be Friday and looking on the calendar at the place I would stay at for two weeks, Seawatch, it happens to be week 28 meaning that the next week coming up, I would be getting ready for my 2 weeks down there (29/30) and ready for my vacation. My mom would be upset about this because we would be leaving her for a couple of weeks. My brother has his reasons why he does not go down there which I will not state, but as the title says “My” point of view. So now you are prepared to see what my thoughts of is why I have bad memories of Seawatch. I will also withhold name as well in some cases for privacy too.

The first and MAIN reason why I do not like going down to Seawatch is the cliques that were down there. I felt like it reminded me too much of high school and that vacation was not the time of drama where in school you can have that shit at. I felt like it wasn’t fair where here I am, trying to be the nice person that I always been and get turned down. I can be the nicest person out there and actually be fun to hang with, but being judged for someone that I am not, really hurts me. The last time I was down there, I said that the Crazy Meagan was back and she is ready to have fun. OK, to clear that statement up, when I mean by crazy Meagan, I meant, I was going to have fun and we are going to have a blast. It wasn’t like I was going to pull a knife out on someone and stab them. I was not like that nor do I plan on murdering someone. In fact, the year before that, I was so FRUSTRATED with the fact that I wanted to play a evil prank, but nicely enough, I moved their stuff so it wouldn’t get stolen and tell them, but it was reversed and I had to end up being the bad guy. One thing I don’t like when I am trying to be nice. That’s one reason down.

The SECOND reason was my Dad’s girlfriend, who came with us from 2002-2005 down to Florida. I felt like this was an embarrassment to myself and makes me very pissed off when I look at myself in a swimsuit. She would get on top of my dad in the pool as she looked like she was a hippo that was trying to sink him. The way it looked and the way the noodles looked in the pool, it made me want to throw up inside. She would also take down her straps and she would also do stuff that I don’t want to say. I also didn’t like the fact how she was PLANNING where to go out to for dinner when SHE would be the one that would mostly eat the stuff and I am sure that the infamous cheese stick incident where my brother wanted the last mozzarella stick, but it was gone. Another thing that pissed me off is where the soup incident where she was forcing my brother to eat SOUP in hot Florida, but my grandmother stood up and said “No”. I think to myself with her self like that, she could eat the whole damn thing. Another down.

The third reason was I do not like sitting down at the pool all day and this is why I stayed in the lobby the first second, but in the second week, I was out. I felt like there is stuff you could have done besides sit near the pool and just do nothing and be bored. I feel like Southwest Florida has tourist attractions and I feel like they should have been looked at. I’ve went to the Edison House, I didn’t like it because was a house, but then, it was history, which I like history, don’t get me wrong. I also felt like there could have been more malls as I only been to one mall the start of the second week in 2006. That’s what I felt could have happened, but then don’t get me wrong again, I’ve been to the movies there with the eat in food twice where I saw two movies down there back to back years. Other then that, that annoyed me even more by sitting near the pool as the only time we would go out is to the Times Square on the board walk.

Now that I am done ranting and raving about this situation; those are the reasons why I don’t like going down. I was told that I didn’t enjoy going down there, I was alone or I went with the wrong people. While they are entitled to their opinions and they are like assholes; However, there was a question that was asked “Would I go down to Florida again?” My answer? Yes, but as long as I stay 10000 feet away from Fort Myers, I would be fine.

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Entry Five:  The change of all changes and how it affected me.


Today is July 1st, 2012 and it’s the first of July meaning that in a couple of days that we are going to be seeing back to school commercials and fall stuff so the summer would rush, but today marks a anniversary of something that changed my life forever and that was moving to where I am right now to Southeast Pennsylvania from the Poconos. This change would affect me and affect the rest of my life. I would have to be used to a phrase that would also change my life forever “Starting Over Again”


Before I moved to Clifton Heights in 2000, the week before the big move was a funk in the air. It seemed like an end of an era was coming upon us. I didn’t want the week to end because I didn’t want to move and being a nine year old, you didn’t want to say good bye to your friends. I had to. I had no other choice. I couldn’t stay, I couldn’t be left behind because nobody would be in the house. The days before the move went by quickly and soon as you know it, Friday, June 30th, 2000, it ended. My life in the Poconos would shattered for good and the one thing I regret was saying good bye to my friends because that Saturday, They couldn’t hang out with me. I was gone…I was gone forever and I moved away.


As soon as I arrived intoCliftonHeightsbecause my uncle got lost, I was quiet. I was looking into something better and I remembered that this was a house that would not have a back yard or a pool, but the only positive side was the park and the creek across, but my mind was not intact. I made friends right away and I was friendly to everyone on the block, but the hardest part was starting a new school where I had to redo over and over again with the stuff. I made friends in school, but they would turn on me and that’s when the bullying would start. I felt like I should have stayed in the Poconos at some points because I had my friends there or head to my second option, go toNew Yorkand live with my dad until I was ready to come back to where I live. As Anniversary’s went by and we got to move one more time in 2003 to Drexel Hill where I am living at right now and it’s the longest I have been living since I have been down here as I will be living in this house for nine years in August.


I am going to take a look at the pros and cons of living here. There are many pros as to many cons that I have. Here are the pros; I have graduated High School, I attended College and made the President’s list. It is a huge accomplishment that I would never have accomplished in my life. I have met some wonderful people that I happen to call my good friends down here. I have met wonderful teachers who keep me going and I still keep in touch with sometimes which is good and oh, I have experienced two Yankees World Series wins which makes me happy so I am not going to gloat about that. Now for the cons, I have been bullied, I have been picked on, I have lost friends, I experienced Death’s in the family, I have been peer pressured and I nearly lost my college career. There is so much other stuff that I have, but I don’t want to bring it up because it makes me very upset to talk about so I am going to leave that out.


This big move has made a lot of changes in my life. I have accomplished so much and I have been through much, but I would like to add something and if you are on my Facebook page, you might have seen it. I asked myself would I call this area that I am living in my home? The answer was home. In all honesty, there is one day that I want to hit the lotto and move to somewhere else. My home is either the Bronx,New Yorkor The Poconos which I will be attending back in 2 weeks.


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Entry Number Four: The World that I know

Entry Number Four: The World that I know

So I walk up on high
And I step to the edge
To see my world below.
And I laugh at myself
While the tears roll down.
‘Cause it’s the world I know.
It’s the world I know.


That’s was the lyrics that were going on in my head during my brother’s graduation. I had that song in my head when I graduated three years before he did. That song has a meaning of something to me and now him because the both of us are graduates ofUpper DarbyHigh School. The both of us came over the odds of being picked on while we were younger, going through stages in our lives, having battles with one another, but then again that ALWAYS happens with me and him, but I realized that the both of us, are adults now, we are Upper Darby graduates and we were 09 and 12 proudly in our honors as we are both Upper Darby Graduates.


Joseph and I are two different people, but we are the same blood of one another. In fact, I didn’t want a younger brother at one point because I wanted a little sister, but then, god gave Joseph and I was stuck with him for the rest of my life. Joseph and I have our disagreements as well as agreements. We also have similarities and differences. Joseph and I are Yankees Fans, we hate all Philadelphiateams, we are into PS3 and Five Finger Death Punch, but here are the differences between the both of us. He is going into the army, he is in firefighting and he goes all out while I stay at home, I like cats a lot and I like wrestling, but we do have something in common. We take our graduation proud and my brother said this today on his Facebook status today: When the original Yankee stadium closed in 2008 (when I started high school) Yogi Berra was asked will he miss Yankee Stadium he said no. A stadium doesn’t make a team it’s the tradition of that team that makes a stadium!  So to answer my age old question of why I named UDHS UPPER DARBY STATE PRISON the answer is simple it’s not the building that makes the school it’s a tradition from the school itself. He is right, there is a tradition ofUpper Darby graduation, but there is also a legacy there. That school had two Gearity’s go through and now they are both gone.


As Joseph and I are officially young adults as the song said, this is the world that we know. This is the world that we are entering into. In 2009 and when I left, I was scared shit and didn’t know what I was going to do and guess what I ended up doing? I was heading into College and going into the biggest step of my life. While in 2010, I was near being kicked out and ending my College Career, I changed my self up and got where I needed to me. That’s when I made the changes for myself and did something I never thought I would accomplish here in 2012, making the President’s List forDelawareCountyCommunity Collegeand next year, I will be back at Villanova walking in Blue and Gold. My brother’s world may sound fine as he is taking the next step in his life and that is heading to the military. I would remember him dressing up as a army person for Halloween when he was younger, but now, this is the real freaking deal with him going into the army.
As I hugged my brother goodbye because I was heading to see my dad for father’s day weekend, a flash back went through my head of him being born and us two playing in the back yard until that moment where his name was called during graduation, I looked up in the sky and said “Thank You god for letting him complete this and letting us become who we are”


In closing, I have to say Joseph, even though we have our differences and even though we have love/hate relationship with one another; I have to say that I am DAMN proud of you for finishing High School. I am so damn proud of you for doing what you WANT to do with your life and even though you are a jackass sometimes, you are still my brother and NOBODY WILL EVER replace you. I know both of us are big fans of Five Finger Death Punch, but I dedicated this song to you;







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Entry three: Cutting Dreams

Entry three: Cutting Dreams.


Last Night, I attended the Upper Darby School District School Board meeting because they are doing the unthinkable. They are cutting music, gym and arts as well as other stuff which makes me want to throw up and do you know who is affected by this? Everyone that I have had as a teacher and all of the school children that are many years younger then I am; while at the meeting last night, I saw the school board’s faces from high up; I saw the careless expression that they had on their faces. I wanted to shout out something, but there were cops there so I didn’t want it to get ugly. I heard the speeches, young and old as when it came to the younger generations, they seemed NOT to care which pissed me off. I wanted to speak out, but I didn’t have it in writing and leave my thoughts, but here is what I wanted to say.


First thing I had to say was my name, address and zip code which I don’t know why they wanted it because who to say a crazy person was to come up and kill my cats, my dog, my mom, my stepfather, my brother and I at night or rob our house? Anyways, that’s what I would have to do if I was to speak. Now onto the speech.


My name is Meagan Gearity. I am a 21 year old senior atDelawareCountyCommunity Collegeand graduate ofUpper DarbyHigh School, the class of 2009. I am not originally from the Upper Darby Area as I was born in the Bronx,New York, but have been living in the State ofPennsylvaniafor the last nineteen years. I lived in Tobyhanna up in the Poconos for the time being as my childhood growing up was fine and dandy, but I had a rough being with not having any type of money. In the summer of 2000, my mom, my brother and I moved in with my Stepfather and my Stepfather inCliftonHeightswhere I started fourth grade at Westbrook Park Elementary. It was right then and there I had the chance unlikeCoolbaughElementaryCenter, where I was allowed to play an instrument and I wanted to play the flute. At first my mom was hesitant with having no money to afford this, but she was able to buy it and I started playing. I also did the concerts as I sang in the winter and spring times in fourth and fifth grades up into Middle School were I stopped all together, but enough about me. It’s time to talk about what’s really important here and that is the cuts that will affect the children that attend our schools.


Do you guys understand what you MAYBE doing to our children here? Do you understand what you maybe doing to the teachers that worked hard to get their degrees IF you cut these? Not only do they lose the stuff THEY worked hard for, they MAY have to start over again! Do you guys understand this at all? And for the children that are in music, playing sports and drawing a nice picture for their parents. Do you KNOW what you are doing to them? YOU ARE CUTTING THEIR DREAMS! There might be a little girl from Garrettford that has dreams to become a singer, what is SHE going to do without music? There might be a teenage boy fromDrexel HillMiddle Schoolthat would LOVE to draw a beautiful moral inPhiladelphiaone day. What is HE going to do without art? There might be a Young Man fromUpper DarbyHigh Schoolplaying baseball and what happens if ONE day he goes into the MLB Draft and gets drafted by Phillies or anyone else, what is HE going to do without Physical Education to make him stronger and ready? What you are doing is CUTTING A DREAM FOR these young ladies and gentlemen in our audience and what is sitting in the class room going to do without related arts? Do you seriously and I mean SERIOUSLY think you are putting these children and teenagers under STRESS by with no related arts? Have you guys heard of anxiety? Have you guys got a pounding headache were you have to cry yourself to sleep at night because the pain is unbearable!? I have had ALL of this happen to me before and I do NOT and I REPEAT DO NOT want these children to suffer the SAME stuff I HAVE TO GO THROUGH with my headaches and the stress I AM UNDER! I thought children were supposed to have fun with gym, art, music, and the library, not be in a class room all day and NOT having fun.


So in closing of my speech, I ask you, the Upper Darby School Board, whose side are you going to be on? Are you going to side with the parents, the teachers and the children and not cut these so all of the children and teachers can live out their dreams or YOU going to side with The governor that I did not vote in and cut these? Because if YOU side with him, you lose not only my respect, you lose RESPECT PERIOD.


That’s what I am going to say, but I just want to get the word out there, please sign this petition to save the cuts, I don’t care if you live way away from me at all, I want you guys sign this and make a change:




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